Romeo and Juliet Take The Stage For Another Photoshoot and It's Adorable

Do you remember the story of Romeo and Juliet? No, I am not talking about the classic Shakespeare play. I mean the love story that started the day these 2 newborn babies were born.

Romeo and Juliet were born just hours apart, to 2 separate families, right next door to each other at Coastal Carolina Hospital. The names were a mere coincidence and the families didn't know about each other until photographer Cassie Clayshulte brought them together.

After getting photos done in the hospital, these star-crossed lovers made their appearance back in studio with Cassie for another quick photo shoot and the pictures are amazing!

“The photo shoot was so fun for all four of us parents! The theme was Cassie’s idea and it was so fun to watch her creativity flow and to watch her work her magic,” Romeo’s mom, Morgan Hernandez, tells PEOPLE. “We all were so shocked by how well Romeo and Juliet cooperated and snuggled for these adorable photos.”

Juliet's mother Christiana Shifflett, also loves the amazing moments that Cassie was able to capture.

“It’s been a little overwhelming with how viral the story went, but an overall good experience. We’ve made new friends (Romeo’s parents and Cassie, our photographer), have some amazing newborn photos and a funny story to tell Juliet when she’s older,” she tells PEOPLE.