No One Wanted This Kitten Who Looks Like She's Part Frog

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No One Wanted This Kitten Who Looks Like She's Part Frog

When little Oomi was dumped at the ASPCA Kitten Nursery, she was in desperate need of medical attention. She was only four weeks old and her eyes were dangerously swollen from a bacterial infection.

It's likely that whoever had her before didn't seek treatment at the first sign of infection. Instead they just let it get worse and worse.

Source: Oomithekitten, LoveMeow

Thankfully, Oomi found herself in very good hands at the shelter. It took a few days for her condition to stabilize, but she never stopped asking for kisses and cuddles from the staff.

According to Cerena, who works at the shelter, little Oomi loves to hang around and cuddle with humans.

For Cerena, it was love at first sight. She knew she had to adopt this little baby and once she was ready, Cerena and her fiancé brought little Oomi home.

Even though the vets at the New York City Nursery did everything they could for her, they couldn't save Oomi's eyesight. Eventually, the vet decided it would be best to remove her infected eyes.

It was a couple of difficult days for little Oomi post surgery, but she made a full recovery, thanks to the special love and attention she got from her vet and her new family!

Now, nothing can stop little Oomi from living her life to the fullest! Just look at her go!

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