A Gun For Her Birthday? Controversial Gift Has Parents Divided


A Gun For Her Birthday? Controversial Gift Has Parents Divided

People have very strong opinions about Presley's birthday gift. The 10-year-old girl's reaction to her present got a lot of exposure after her parents sent a video to the gun-maker Beretta.

They shared the video of Presley joyfully unboxing her 686 Silver Pigeon shotgun with the more than 900,000 people who've liked their Facebook page and Twitter account. They included a message saying the young girl's reaction "will make you cry," adding that the emotional moment is "what we call #BerettaJoy."

While Presley was obviously happy about her gift, it sparked a heated discussion in the comments section, where people debated the decision to give a child a gun.

Most of the comments were negative, with many saying that Presley was too young to be given a gun. Others wondered if something else would've been more appropriate - although Presley seemed to like it just fine.

But lots of people also said they were moved by the video, and shared their own stories about getting their first guns. Some even argued that a shotgun is the perfect gift to teach a young girl about responsibility.

What nobody seemed to notice was this is also a pretty expensive gift for a 10-year-old. Listings online show that the 686 Silver Pigeon costs around $2,000 dollars.

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