Paris Jackson Had Major Surgery For Abscess "Almost The Size Of A Golf Ball"


Paris Jackson Had Major Surgery For Abscess "Almost The Size Of A Golf Ball"

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Paris Jackson hasn't had a good summer.

On June 27, her grandfather, Joe Jackson, passed away at the age of 89, after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Despite being one of Hollywood's most controversial parents, Paris honored "the first true Jackson" with a touching post on Instagram.

"RIP The HAWK. Joseph Jackson," Paris captioned the photo in which she's holding her grandfather's hand in the hospital. "Spending those last few moments with you were everything. Being able to tell you everything i needed to tell you before saying goodbye was such a blessing."

"I will cherish every moment with you til the day i die, especially our last moments. Being able to hold your hand, lay with you and cuddle you, give you kisses all over your cheeks and forehead, meant more to me than you'll ever know."

"Quoting advice you gave me when i was a little kid and seeing your eyes light up, sharing stories my dad used to tell me about you, telling a joke and hearing you laugh for the last heart is full knowing we left each other in that way."

Paris then called Joe "the first true Jackson. The Legend that started it all."

"None of us would be anywhere near where we're at if it weren't for you. You are the strongest man i know. your life's work will go down in history, as will you, to be known as one of the greatest patriarchs to ever live."

However, only days after mourning the family patriarch, Paris was granted a restraining order against Nicholas Lewis Stevens, her alleged stalker.

According to The Blast, the 20-year-old then went to court on July 23 to testify that Stevens has an "unhealthy obsession" with her and claimed she requires long term protection.  

The judge ordered Stevens to stay at least 100 yards away from the starlet for the next three years, and was prohibited to show up at her recording studio.

The weekend before the ruling, Paris publicly addressed the stalking allegations at Comic Con, and tearfully claimed Stevens' behavior had been going on for years.

"I've tried to be civil, I've tried to be nice. I tried to end things on a positive note. I can't really take it anymore," she said.

Following the frightening ordeal, the rising musician revealed she had underwent surgery on August 10 to remove "an abscess that was almost the size of a golf ball."

Abscess, which is a collection of pus, bacteria and debris that builds up in the tissue of one's body, is typically the result of an infection.

In a video posted to her band's Instagram story, Paris shared that if it pops, "you can go septic and die," but reassured her fans that she "didn't die," and doctors "operated immediately."

Although doctors usually put patients under anesthesia during the procedure, Paris said she opted out of it and was awake the entire time.

"It was definitely the most pain that I've ever been through in my entire life," she said, referencing the fact that she's "covered head-to-toe in tattoos."

However, Paris' video didn't stop there, and she went on to discuss her excitement over her recent performance with her band, The Soundflowers.  

She revealed she took the stage only one day after her surgery to perform at the Canyon Sessions Cancer Fundraiser.

"We played a show today, and we didn't completely suck, and my f"”ing grandma [Katherine Jackson] was there, and I'm so relieved that she didn't hate it, that she actually liked it. And, I don't know, that means the world to me," she gushed.

"Also sorry if i sound weird, I'm on a lot of meds right now to kind of get me through the pain of the procedure. I shouldn't have even left bed today," she then quipped.

In a separate Instagram post, Paris went on to express her joy that her grandmother was able to attend her "second live show ever."

"F"”. i can't believe my grandma made it to our second live show ever. and she actually liked it!?!!! i was shitting my pants. i love you so much grandma. i'm so happy we got to play for you and to play for such an incredible cause," she wrote.

Check out clips of The Sounflowers' performance below:

go to @thesoundflowers for more 🌻♥️

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