People Are Outraged That Ink Artist Tattoed His Hairless Cat

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People Are Outraged That Ink Artist Tattoed His Hairless Cat

Warning: some viewers might find the following images disturbing.

A tattoo artist is being slammed by animal rights activists and the public after it was discovered that he had covered his Sphynx cat in gangster tattoos.

Aleksandr, a Russian ink artist, sedated his cat named Demon and gave him four major tattoos on it's sides and chest. Aleksandr chose tattoos usually worn by criminals in Russia that represent seniority of the gang member, how long they've served in prison and the seriousness of their crimes.

The practically hairless cats have highly sensitive skin, which would make the ordeal particularly painful - even after sedation.

Yelizaveta Skorynina, an animal activist who spoke with the New Zealand Herald, said that there was no other reason for Aleksandr to put Demon "through the pain of this ordeal other than to (serve) his own vanity."

For Aleksandr, he says he feels "pity for doing it to him" and that he hopes it wasn't too bad for him, (even though) it is not his first tattoo."

Others, who support Aleksandr say that it's no different than tagging livestock.

What do you think? Should he be fined for what he did?