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Pet Version Of Romeo And Juliet Played Out At This Animal Shelter

When Romeo the cat and Juliet the dog were found wandering the streets together in Chula Vista, just south of San Diego in California, they were a totally bonded pair.

Unfortunately, like most animal care centers, the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility houses their stray cats and dogs separately. When they were brought in, they were placed in cages at separate ends of the facility.

They were so distraught about being apart from one another that Romeo's temperament totally changed. He became moody, stopped sleeping and even eating. His love was gone and he was certain he would never see her again.

The staff noticed immediately and feared that he would waste away. They brought his Juliet back into the cat's sanctuary and sure enough their sweet little spirits were lifted!

After seeing how affectionate and loving the two animals were with one another, they know that this was a package deal. When they're ready for adoption, the two will go together to their forever home!

True love wins again!

[Source: Devourable]

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