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Photographer Captures The Beautiful Friendship Between His Dog And A Wild Fox

If you watched the Fox and the Hound, you'll remember that it ended with the two friends parting ways. If you're anything like me, you probably cried your eyes out.

Well, here's a happier fox/dog friendship that will surely warm your heart and give you hope for animals everywhere.

Meet Sniffer the wild fox and his best buddy, Tinni, the domestic dog:

Photographer Torgeir Berge was walking in the forest with Tinni when she met Sniffer by chance. Rather than attack, Tinni approached the smaller fox in curiosity. It didn't take too long for the two to form an unexpected friendship.

With every visit their friendship grew and Berge was there to capture their tender and playful moments.

Berge tells the Daily Mail that he observed "how similar foxes and dogs actually are" and calls Sniffer the "dog of the forest."

The photographer will release a story book of fairytales called The Fox and the Dog based on Tinni and Sniffer's adventures. The proceeds will go to help conservation and the campaigns against the fur trade in Norway.

Read more about these buddies here.

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