Pickles The Piglet Evades Death, Grows Into The Perkiest Porker On The Farm

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Pickles The Piglet Evades Death, Grows Into The Perkiest Porker On The Farm

They say that cats have nine lives, but Pickles is proof that piglets do to!

Little Pickles has survived at least three near-death experiences and that's no small feat for a petite porker. This little lady was very tiny when she found herself in the loving arms of the caregivers at Animals of Farm Sanctuary in New York.

Introducing Pickles:

When Pickles arrived at Farm Sanctuary, she was just a two-pound piggie in need of lots of TLC and food - lots and lots of food.

Pickles first near-death experience happened days after she was born. Pickles' siblings were all stillborn, she was the only surviving piglet. Her heartbroken mama had no interest in feeding or caring for Pickles, so the tiny girl began to waste away.

She was very ill when her rescuers brought her to the sanctuary.

Luckily, Pickles was a smart little lady and she learned to drink from a bottle quickly. At first she lived in a cozy home with her rescuers. She was so tiny that she could snuggle on a pillow.

Rescuers soon realized that there was something else wrong with the tiny pig... she had an umbilical hernia. This would require surgery to clean up the infection and close the opening it made in her body.

Workers cleaned her infected umbilical cord first, she was not too impressed with that!

Then she went into emergency surgery to repair the hernia. The small hernia had a high chance of becoming a fatal complication that strangles portions of her intestines.

Just when rescuers thought she was in the clear, Pickles went septic. Her umbilical stump became infected and she had to have it surgically removed.

After the surgery, she had a seizure, which frightened rescuers further - but she pulled through again!

Little Pickles was a spunky girl though. She hated that belly band, even if it was helping her to heal, she was quite the cranky girl.

It was a challenge for rescuers to keep her on crate rest and in the belly band, but eventually their hard work paid off.

She finally gained weight and grew into one fine looking lady!

Now she lives with her new buddy, Mouse the pig! They're still working a few things out, but Farm Sanctuary reports that they're getting along and she's helping him with his physical therapy!

Lookin' good, Pickles!