Pit Bull Has This Unmistakable Human Reaction When He Realizes He's Been Abandoned

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Pit Bull Has This Unmistakable Human Reaction When He Realizes He's Been Abandoned

If you don't believe that animals have souls, then you need to read Blue King's story.

Blue King is a very good boy. He is one of the best boys anyone could ask for. Sadly, his family didn't think so . After having lived with them for just one year, they surrendered Blue to the Carson Shelter in California.

His family was moving and they decided that they didn't want to take him with them.

Carson shelter is a high-kill facility, so the longer sweet Blue stayed there, the higher was his risk for being euthanized. Sweet Blue was just so sad, he refused to eat or take treats when they were offered. He would just sniff the snacks and whimper.

Blue was so heartbroken about being left behind, he appeared to be crying through the bars of his kennel.

When volunteers from Saving Carson Shelter Dogs recognized Blue's very human reaction to being abandoned, they decided to do everything they could to help him.

They filmed a video and posted it on the organizations Facebook, hoping that someone would see him and want to adopt this lonely pup.

Not long after the video was posted, Jennifer McKay saw him and knew that she had to meet that sad, sweet face.  When she first met Blue, she could tell that he was still looking for his family. She tells The Dodo that she would watch him look up every time someone walked past.

While she waited for the shelter to complete a temperament test, she came back to visit Blue again, this time with a new doggy bed and a bone for him to chew on.

Although he still didn't quite trust her, he was grateful for the cushy new place to sleep.

By her third visit, Blue rushed up to greet her and she knew that he was ready for his forever home.

After he passed his temperament test, he went straight home with McKay. She couldn't believe how much he changed as soon as he was out of that kennel.

The quiet, lazy dog she thought she was getting turned out to be enthusiastic and full of bubbly life.  He loved the car ride home and wanted to stick his head out to catch all the sniffs!

He adjusted quickly to his new digs: claiming a spot on the couch and grinning like a goof at himself in the mirror. We think he's just smiling back at one very good boy.

Although his new mama says he's still got a lot to learn, McKay says she's happy that he's become a part of her family.

To save more lives or to donate to the care of other good boys like Blue, please visit Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page. Every dog deserves a loving home!

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