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Parents Are Divided After Pizza Restaurant Bans Children

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Another battle in the fight over where parents can take their kids for a bite to eat has sparked controversy.

It seems like there's always a new restaurant taking a side on the matter. Some have banned young children entirely, while others have offered parents discounts if their kids show good behavior at the dinner table. At the same time, parents have been speaking out about what it's like to eat out while you have young children.

Now a pizza restaurant and bar in Tampa, Florida has weighed in on the argument, and local parents are upset. The new sign on the front door of the Hampton Station restaurant warns parents "NO CHILDREN" in bright pink letters. The new rule came as a shock to some families, who say they have been eating there for years.

An image of the sign was post on Facebook's Tampa Bay Moms Group to let local parents voice their thoughts on the decision. Some say the restaurant advertises itself as a "beer garden," meaning parents shouldn't expect the Station to be kid-friendly in the first place.

But other insist they've been going to the restaurant for pizza with their children for years. As the arguments raged, the business owner was forced to explain his decision...

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