Plucky Retirees Knit Sweaters For Chilly Chickens

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Plucky Retirees Knit Sweaters For Chilly Chickens

You might have heard about the sweaters for penguins knitted by Australia's oldest man, well it appears they're not the only birds in need of warmth against the 'fowl' elements.

The chickens of Boston, Massachusetts are in need of their own pull-overs to keep warm against the chilly New England winds.

A knitting club at Fuller Village, a retirement home in Milton, Massachusetts, heard about the poultry plight and decided to fashion some stylish sweaters for the flock.

While some chickens shed their feathers and grow new plumage in the winter, others are imported from warmer climates and can't handle the chilly winter conditions.

According to the estate spokeswoman, Erica Max, egg production has jumped significantly since the birds began to wear their sweaters.  

But the birds aren't the only ones benefiting from the sweaters; the ladies are also grateful to put their skills to good use for a noble cause.

"One person I heard say there were more important things to do in this world. "˜Make things for people that need it.' I think animals need to be warm, too, and I'm so glad we did it," knitter Libby Kaplan said.

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