Stunned Parents Film Their Baby Testing "Unclimbable" Pool Fence

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Last week, Americans were heartbroken by the news that Olympic skier Bode Miller had lost his daughter in a tragic accident.

Miller's wife, Morgan Beck, and their 19-month-old daughter, Emeline, were visiting a neighbor's home when the toddler wandered off.

Rescue workers say the baby girl was only missing "for a very short amount of time" before she was discovered unconscious in the backyard pool.

She died shortly after.

Bode Miller
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Now, a viral video has parents concerned about how safe their own pools really are.

"My heart dropped"

Keith Wyman and his wife, Tonya, from Attleboro, Massachusetts, narrowly avoided the same disaster that Bode Miller's family suffered.

The pair noticed their 2-year-old son Cody had wandered off, and caught him in the backyard by their above ground pool.

But Wyman said his "heart dropped" when he saw what Cody was doing.

You may have seen this viral video going around the internet. A pool ladder - designed to keep kids out of the pool - didn't work. But did you know the family was from Attleboro? Eric Halperin- WPRI has their story tonight at 5:30. Trust us - you want to see this one!

Posted by WPRI 12 on Monday, June 18, 2018

Like responsible parents, the Wymans had installed an "unclimbable" gate over the stepladder to their pool.

Cody had simply scampered up the gate, and he showed off his wall-climbing skills again in a viral video recorded by the Wymans.

"So I'm posting this video after I found my 2-year-old Cody trying to climb our pool ladder when it was closed and locked," Wyman wrote in a Facebook post.

"I just got it with the new pool Tonya and I stress you to watch your kids around pools I will be buying a new type of ladder!"

Keith Wyman - Facebook

Despite his claim, Wyman later said he couldn't even return the ladder gate because every model at the store was the exact same kind.

Now, the concerned parents say they want to talk to the gate's manufacturer about improving safety.

Pool Safety

This video is worrying for many parents, because these kinds of ladder gates are considered a "must have" pool safety item.

But there are other ways to keep children safe around the water.

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  • Build a gated fence around your pool - whether it's above ground or inground - and keep it locked when no one is supervising the pool.
  • Don't leave toys or games that might attract children in the pool when no one is supervising it.
  • Select an adult to supervise the pool during any backyard events or parties.
  • Learn CPR and post CPR instructions poolside.
  • Always check the pool first if a child goes missing in a party - every second counts.

Let's spread the Wyman family's warning to keep kids safe this summer!

Here are more safety tips every parent needs to see:

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