Pregnant Doctor Performs Emergency Delivery Hours Before Giving Birth

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Pregnant Doctor Performs Emergency Delivery Hours Before Giving Birth

No matter how crazy your birth story is, it's tough to measure up to Dr. Amanda Hess and her double-header delivery.

Hess, at work back in May.Dr. Amanda Hess

Hess is an obstetrician from Kentucky, and last week she arrived at her workplace - the Frankfort Regional Medical Center - to give birth to her second child. She didn't expect to punch in and help any other mothers give birth, but things changed very soon after she arrived.

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A mix-up with the hospital staff meant the on-call doctor was leaving the hospital just as Hess and another woman arrived at the maternity ward. While Hess had hours until her delivery, the other woman definitely didn't.

Hess peeked at a computer screen and noticed the other woman was having complications with her delivery, then her husband heard screaming coming from down the hallway.

"Do you guys need some help?" Hess called to the nurses. Before she knew it she was suiting up - with boots over her sandals and a gown to cover the back of her gown - and helping to deliver a baby.

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Hess found the other woman's baby was in trouble: her heartbeat was dropping, and her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.

Hats off to this #DrMom and member of Physician Moms Group #PMG, Dr. Amanda Hess! This picture was taken minutes after...

Posted by Dr. Hala Sabry on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On top of that, there was no time to give the other woman, Leah Halliday-Johnson, any pain medication. Nurses told her to try and wait until the doctor came back, but she was clear that wouldn't happen.

"I was not being quiet about the fact that it was difficult for me not to push," she told People. Thankfully, with Hess's help the delivery went very smoothly and both mother and baby are doing fine.

After that ordeal, Hess had just an hour to relax before her own contractions started. While anyone else would call this situation pretty stressful, super-mom Hess says this was "a perfect way to get my own labor started."

Later that morning, Hess gave birth to her second child - a girl, named Ellen - and thankfully her delivery went much smoother than Halliday-Johnson's.

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