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This Is What Shopping Was Like 50 Years Ago, Now Where's My Time Machine

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If you grew up in the 1960s, you're probably not impressed by much these days.

You grew up in a world facing the threat of nuclear war, and - even scarier - before cell phones were invented.

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In case you're curious just how much things have changed, take a trip down memory lane with these surprising facts about 1968:

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In case you need a refresher, 1968 was the year the world saw the first heart transplant, the first ATM machine, and some seriously bold fashion choices.

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The average annual salary was a modest $7,143, so if you wanted to buy a family home you had to save up.

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While older property was cheaper, new homes ranged from $14,000-26,000.

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Still, your pay was more than enough to buy your weekly grocery staples. A dozen eggs cost just 53 cents, while a gallon of milk would set you back $1.07.


A copy of The New York Times was 10 cents, except for the Sunday edition, which was a whopping 30 cents.

But buying your groceries was just the start of your week, and you still had spending money left over for something special.

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