There's One Family Member Prince Philip Will Be Avoiding At The Royal Wedding

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There's One Family Member Prince Philip Will Be Avoiding At The Royal Wedding

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Everyone has a black sheep in their family, and the British monarchy are no exception.

With the recent announcements of both Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie's upcoming nuptials, the royals will be jam packed with plenty of engagements, where there'll be constantly be mingling with the same familiar faces.  

While family gatherings may often times become unbearable to some, Prince Philip's peril is about to be taken to a whole new level.

According to The Daily Beast, Queen Elizabeth II's husband has taken a severe disdain to Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson since her divorce from his son, Prince Andrew.

Arguably named as the outcast of the royal family, Fergie always seems to receive an onslaught of negative press whenever she's depicted in the media.

Despite being married to Andrew from 1986 to 1996, reports of Fergie's affair to her American financial adviser, John Bryan, circulated across the world in 1992. Pictures of the lovers's romp in the French Riviera were exposed, which featured plenty of inappropriate kissing and touching. The incident is said to have humiliated the royal family and outraged the queen.

The affair was only the tip of the iceberg for Philip and the Duchess of York, as the former is said to still act cold towards his former daughter-in-law.  

"Philip has been unable to forgive Fergie for the damage he perceives she did to the family via her series of extramarital affairs and subsequent commercial work," a source said.

But they may have to come face-to-face once again as Eugenie's wedding draws near.

Despite Andrew and Fergie being closer than ever, the Duke of Edinburgh has no plans on welcoming his daughter-in-law back into the fold.

Fergie hasn't even tried to mend fences as she's told sources how much she despises the "tyrannical duke."

"She always likes to say how he 'rules the Royal family with a rod of iron,'" said a source. "They loathe each other, to put it frankly."

However, that might be easier said than done as Eugenie is set to walk down the aisle with Jack Brooksbank later this year.

Despite being excluded from Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding in 2010, as the mother of the bride, Fergie is guaranteed to be scoring an invitation to the fall wedding.

The proud mother wasn't shy to let the public know how thrilled she was over the engagement and even took to Twitter to voice her glee.

However, her enthusiasm seemed to backfire, as her official interview on the engagement had to be scrapped. The Daily Mail claims Fergie has been "silenced due to her effusive online postings."

Do you think Philip and Fergie should just let bygones be bygones?

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