The Story Behind Princess Diana's Iconic "Revenge Dress"

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The Story Behind Princess Diana's Iconic "Revenge Dress" And Why It Was Such A Big Deal

Princess Diana is probably one of the most famous people in the entire world. Her legacy has lived on and the royal family has become a lot more accessible to many because of her.

Before Diana, news about the royals was mostly popular in the U.K., but Diana helped bring attention to the world because she was the "People's Princess."

She was so empowering. She was not only an amazing person who worked with many charities, but she was also a style icon that really influenced a lot of people.

Princess Diana
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Diane's life was under a microscope. Every choice she made, every outfit she wore, and every single thing she did was scrutinized and criticized by the public. Obviously there were a lot of rules she had to follow as a member of the royal family, but in 1994 everything changed.

When it became clear that Prince Charles was having an affair with Camilla Parker, their marriage officially fell apart. There had been rumors about infedelity on both sides of the relationship for years, but it seems as though Charles falling in love with Camilla was the final straw.

Diana and Charles wedding
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It was 1992 that the couple announced their official separation, but it took a few years to get all the details that people we so desperate for.

In 1994, Charles came clean about the affair to the public in a documentary, but it was that night that Diana stepped out on the town in a look that said everything she needed to say without uttering a word.

The dress is now known as the "Revenge Dress" and it's such a good look for her. She wore it to the Serpentine Gallery party which was going on while her ex-husbands revealing documentary aired on TV.

Princess Diana
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By stepping out in public that night, a night when a lot of other people would have chosen to stay home, she proved just how strong she was.

She didn't want to let her relationship with her ex-husband, no matter how painful it may have been, continue to impact her life.

Diana wore a dress that she had previously thought was "too bold for the royal protocol" and took back a little piece of her personality that had been worn down by years of conforming. The black dress that sat just off her shoulders and fit snugly to the knees was an iconic moment that people became obsessed with.

People loved the new confidence that she seemed to have now that she was released from a lot of the royal restrictions, and I think we can all agree she looked amazing.

Was this your favorite Diana outfit? Or did she have another look that you liked more?

There's a lot of ways that Diana changed the royal family, and her presence is still being felt to this day.

She was an amazing person and an excellent mother, who made sure to put her boys first in her life no matter what.

Source - Huffington Post / Woman Magazine