Psychic Who Predicted Trump's Win Shares Frightful Visions Of 2019

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We're approaching that time of year when we start to think about our resolutions for the new year, but even then, it's really hard to predict what is in store for our future.

After all, we are not psychics, but there are people out there, like Craig Hamilton-Parker, who claim to be, and are now giving us a heads up for what to expect in 2019.

Hamilton-Parker, a prominent self-proclaimed psychic and clairvoyant from the United Kingdom, has previously prophesied several events including, Donald Trump's presidency, Britain's exit from the European Union, and the 2017 terror attack in Nice, France.

After successfully predicting a lot of what took place in 2018, including Prince Harry and Meghan's marriage, the volcanic eruption in Hawaii, as well as the devastating hurricanes and wildfires, Hamilton-Parker is more confident than ever in his abilities to see the future.

Based on his visions, 2019 isn't going to be very different from this year in terms of political turmoil in the United States, natural disasters, and war in the Middle East.

President Trump's Health Issues

Hamilton-Parker's biggest prediction is that the there will be an attempt to impeach President Trump from the Oval Office. While the mission won't be successful, the psychic says that the controversial Commander-in-Chief's health will force him to temporarily step back from his job anyway.

"I feel, talking of Donald Trump, that he will be taken ill during 2019 but I don't think this will be a major, serious thing that will take him out of his presidency or anything like that," he tells Express UK. "I don't think it's life-threatening but it's maybe something like a perforated bowel came to mind? Something like that."

He adds, "Something quite serious but not going to kill you. He may be unable to do the job for a short period of time."

Tensions between U.S and Russia

Hamilton-Parker says the tension between the U.S. and Russia will intensify, especially due to the conflict in Syria. However, you can breathe a sigh of relief because it won't escalate to war.

"I don't think it will go out to a full military conflict but I think it will be a gradually escalating conflict with Russia, that is going to give the world a lot of problems and there will be a lot of worries about this," he says.

Earthquake Warning

When it comes to the environment, Hamilton-Parker wants Americans to be prepared for some "serious seismic activity."

If you're in California, the British medium says don't panic because he doesn't think the earthquake will be the "Big One" that everyone's been dreading.

Shocking celebrity couple death

Hamilton-Parker makes a grim prediction about a celebrity couple who take their lives after making a suicide pact, but he doesn't specify who they are.

A Hard Brexit

Across the pond, Hamilton-Parker is sure the U.K. will be leaving the European Union without a deal. He is also convinced Prime Minister Theresa May will resign once the Brexit hoopla is over.

"I've always had a strong connection with this Brexit idea and all the way through I've said it's going to be a hard Brexit," he tells the outlet.

Despite getting many of his previous predictions right, Hamilton-Parker still wants to remind people that he still gets "things wrong too," so you shouldn't only depend on what his insights.

"And remember I'm fallible, please, because don't go panicking when I make these predictions. Treat this as a bit of an experiment, please people," he says.

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Do you believe Hamilton-Parker's predictions will come true?

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