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Puppy Abandoned Because He Always Looks Like He's Dancing Finds True Love

Adorable little Boogie Shoes was surrendered to an animal shelter by a woman who claims she found him in a Walmart parking lot.

The tiny dog was just 8 weeks old when he was dropped off at Palm Spring Animal Shelter. At first, the staff thought that his sweet little wiggle was a happy dance, but when they looked closer, they realized that something was very wrong with him.

After a thorough check-up and a trip to a neurologist, Boogie was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia. It's a devastating condition where the cerebellum of the brain does not fully develop. Little Boogie will always have his signature wiggle. Although he'll never be able to walk on a leash, play catch or climb stairs, his new mom and rescuer, Alicia loves him just the same.

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