Puppy With Burns On 75% Of His Body Saved Twice By His 'Guardian Angel'

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Puppy With Burns On 75% Of His Body Saved Twice By His 'Guardian Angel'

Jake was just three weeks old when local firefighter, Bill Lindler, saved him from a burning shed.

The innocent puppy was covered in burns on 75% of his body including his ultra-sensitive paw pads. The poor baby could barely walk and was in excruciating pain. Even more tragic was that his owners abandoned him at the vet when they couldn't afford his healthcare.

But tiny Jake's guardian angel, Bill, stepped in to rescue him a second time, when he adopted the helpless pup and paid for his recovery. Here's his story:

When Firefighter Bill Lindler found Jake in his neighbor's shed, he was badly burned.

The puppy suffered severe burns that required immediate medical attention.

When his owners abandoned him, Bill decided to adopt him and pay for his recovery.

Even though he suffered burns on 75% of his tiny body, Jake's spirit was unbreakable!

Just look at that face!

Soon, he was made an honorary member of the Hanahan Fire Department!

He teaches kids about fire safety with his best friend Bill!

Now that he's all grown up, he's learning how to be an Arson Detection Dog!

Good Boy, Jake!

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