Pyrex Is Bringing Back An Old-Time Classic and Our Nostalgic Hearts Are Bursting


Pyrex Is Bringing Back An Old-Time Classic and Our Nostalgic Hearts Are Bursting

Even if your mom or grandmother didn't have one of those patterned glass cookware, you've definitely seen the iconic Pyrex dishes somewhere.

The iconic brand became part of American households in 1915, when Corning Glass Works used their low-thermal-expansion borosilicate glass to create cookware, including casseroles, bowls and pie plates.

Pyrex became extremely popular as their products were able to withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures without breaking, changing color or affecting the taste of food.

In the early 1950s, the brand started to release dishes with patterns on them and they have since created more than 150 different designs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Nowadays, the brightly-decorated vintage pieces are not always available in stores, but you may find them at thrift shops, garage sales and online auction sites. If you've recently been active on websites like Ebay, then you've probably seen them listed for thousands of dollars.

One of the most coveted Pyrex designs is the Lucky in Love pattern from 1959. According to Wide Open Eats, the original dishes, which feature green grass, clovers, and pink heart decals, were most likely limited-edition, which makes them a hot item for collectors.

One extremely rare piece from the collection doesn't have the pink hearts and is currently housed at the Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG).

Dishes from the Lucky in Love line show up online every once in a while, but they're ridiculously expensive. In 2015, a piece was sold for over $4,000!

If you own an item from this special line, you're sitting on a gold mine, but there's no need to fret if you don't because Pyrex has released a limited-edition set with the beloved print.

The 2018 Lucky in Love collection isn't exactly like the original, but they're still just as pretty and come with lids.

"The most distinct feature of the pattern has been its rarity and uplifting, fresh design," Pyrex tells "The classic hearts-and-shamrocks pattern is the same, but now relaunched to reach a new generation of home cooks through a variety of food storage dish sizes with lids."

Unlike the pricey original pieces, the new collection, which includes round and rectangular dish sets, is very affordable with prices starting at just $4.

The dishes have been in stores since March and will probably be around until they're sold out. The Lucky in Love items are available for purchase at, Target, and

You can also get Pyrex mixing bowls with a similar aesthetic here.

Recently, CorningWare also reissued their iconic blue-and-white cornflower dishes just in time for the brands 60th anniversary.

The anniversary collection includes a mug with a lid, a cornflower-patterned knife set, a three-piece ramekin set, plates, and of course, casseroles.

Are you excited to get your hands on these new Pyrex dishes?

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