Rare, Black-Maned Ethiopian Lion Caught On Camera

Although most African lions live in the Savannah of sub-Saharan Africa, a few populations can be found hiding in the mountains of Ethiopia.

For years, the rare, black-maned Ethiopian lion was feared to be extinct. But, in 2016 a small group of about 50 lions was discovered.

When Çağan Şekercioğlu, a National Geographic Explorer and ornithologist at the University of Utah was driving through the Bale Mountains National Park in Ethiopia, he spotted one of these magnificant beasts taking a nightly stroll.

Thankfully, he was able to overcome his fear long enough to take this amazing video!

The National Geographic story on how I filmed this #rare #Ethiopian black-maned #lion that came up to walk past one foot away from me. My heart was pounding as he turned to look at me, but he fortunately decided not to take a swipe. The light in the background is lightning and you can hear the thunder. Yarım metreden filme aldığım ender kara yeleli Etiyopya aslanı videosunun hikayesi National Geographic'de. Yanımdan geçerken gözümün içine baktı ama neyse ki bir pençe yemedim. Arka planda şimşek çakıyor ve gökgürültüsünü duyabilirsiniz. #wildlife #nature #trtbelgesel #photooftheday #conservation #biodiversity  #endangered #mammal #uofu @natgeocreative @cagansekercioglu @natgeoturkiye @uofu_science @natgeotvturkiye

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What would you have done in a situation like this? Run, or say a prayer and capture the photo of a lifetime?

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