Rare, Black-Maned Ethiopian Lion Caught On Camera

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Rare, Black-Maned Ethiopian Lion Caught On Camera

Although most African lions live in the Savannah of sub-Saharan Africa, a few populations can be found hiding in the mountains of Ethiopia.

For years, the rare, black-maned Ethiopian lion was feared to be extinct. But, in 2016 a small group of about 50 lions was discovered.

When í‡aÄŸan ÅžekercioÄŸlu, a National Geographic Explorer and ornithologist at the University of Utah was driving through the Bale Mountains National Park in Ethiopia, he spotted one of these magnificant beasts taking a nightly stroll.

Thankfully, he was able to overcome his fear long enough to take this amazing video!

The National Geographic story on how I filmed this #rare #Ethiopian black-maned #lion that came up to walk past one foot away from me. My heart was pounding as he turned to look at me, but he fortunately decided not to take a swipe. The light in the background is lightning and you can hear the thunder. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/02/black-mane-ethiopian-lions-video-endangered-species/?cmp=facebook_post Yarım metreden filme aldığım ender kara yeleli Etiyopya aslanı videosunun hikayesi National Geographic'de. Yanımdan geí§erken gí¶zí¼mí¼n ií§ine baktı ama neyse ki bir pení§e yemedim. Arka planda ÅŸimÅŸek í§akıyor ve gí¶kgí¼rí¼ltí¼sí¼ní¼ duyabilirsiniz. #wildlife #nature #trtbelgesel #photooftheday #conservation #biodiversity  #endangered #mammal #uofu @natgeocreative @cagansekercioglu @natgeoturkiye @uofu_science @natgeotvturkiye

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What would you have done in a situation like this? Run, or say a prayer and capture the photo of a lifetime?