Rare Celebrity Photos That Are Barely Recognizable

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Rare Celebrity Photos That Are Barely Recognizable

We see photos of celebrities almost every day, whether in the news, on the covers of magazines or on commercials. People have spotted them walking down the street, buying groceries and ordering ice cream.

Celebrities have some of the most recognizable faces in society today, but would you know who you were looking at if someone handed you a rare, childhood photo?

Scan through the images, do their younger selves look like they do now?


Neil Patrick Harris

Angelina Jolie

Leonardo DiCaprio

George Clooney

Jennifer Aniston

Elijah Wood

Brooke Shields

Amy Winehouse

Justin Timberlake

Harrison Ford

Sandra Bullock

Jim Carrey

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Do you think they look like their older selves?