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Rescuers Are Apalled By What They Find In 14 Totes Outside Animal Shelter

When staff members arrived at Cat House on the Kings early one February morning, they could not believe their eyes.

Scattered about the outside of the sanctuary were 14 totes that had been zip-tied closed. To their horror, they realized that inside the tubs lay cats.

More than 14 cats had been stuffed into the totes - one was a mother cat with two kittens.

According to Harvie Shreiber, a worker at the sanctuary, the tubs all matched with carefully drilled air holes and fleece blankets inside.

The situation became stranger still when they realized that all of the cats showed signs of being well-fed and cared for. Obviously, the sanctuary welcomed the mysterious new additions after thorough check-ups.

But the question remains: where did they come from? Many of the rescued cats are polydactyls, meaning they have extra toes. Could they be pet shop rejects?

For more information on adoption or donating to the sanctuary, visit their website here.