Italian Restaurant Gives Discounts For "Well Behaved" Children


Italian Restaurant Gives Discounts For "Well Behaved" Children

If you're looking for a quiet Sunday lunch, the Stories of Food and Wine restaurant in the small city of Padua, Italy is a good place to visit.

The wine bar's owner, Antonia Ferrari, has started giving out discounts to the parents of polite children. If you bring along a well-behaved bambino, Ferrari may take 5% off your bill.

While people are obviously grateful to save a few Euros, parents are debating whether they should be rewarded for making their children behave in public.

Ferrari says he came up with the idea one weekend when he noticed a table with 5 children were completely silent. He says his customers are mostly adults, but in the past he's had problems with kids running between tables, and even making a mess in his bathroom.

But at this table, all the children were drawing quietly or practicing their multiplication tables. Ferrari gave them 5% off their bill, which ended up being around 13 Euros.

The owner doesn't have any kids of his own, but he says he can imagine how hard it is to be a parent, and he wanted to reward someone who was doing a good job.

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