When She "Cut Them Off" While Driving, She Had Know Idea They Had Baseball Bats In The Car

Driving in today's world leaves little room for patience. Even the most cautious driver may have gotten a hot head behind someone else's selfish acts on the road. Think of the times you almost lost your cool in the car, did someone cut you off? Was someone distracted behind the wheel?

Either of these situations can be frustrating to a normally calm and defensive driver, and today's drivers are doing more fighting than ever for their own justified reasons. Mikaela Barboza, a 26 year old driver learned the hard way about how far a mad driver will go. Barboza cut off another woman while they drove down US route 441 in Florida.

What Barboza didn't know was the woman's sister was also driving down that road and witnessed the careless act. The two women went after Barboza who figured it was safe to pull off the road into a parking lot. The drama did not end there as the women followed her off the road. The two women proceeded to block Mikaela Barboza's car in the parking spot.


A frightened Mikaela took out her phone and started recording the other two women. She captured them approaching her with baseball bats. Initially she yelled out how she wasn't scared to first woman, but then the second woman with another bat approaches from another side of the lot. Mikaela immediately felt the bats hitting her.

Just before the beating you could hear Mikaela alert the duo that she had a child in the car, but it was of no use. They continued to pursue her and beat out their frustrations. The audio gets a little scrambled, but you can hear the suspects saying that Barboza was "talking about black people." Mikaela Barboza didn't go down without a fight she says "We were kind of wrestling and the other sister with the other bat came over and started beating me over the head."


Barboza wasn't lacking a witness, her silent passenger was busy in the car filming the entire situation, including the brutal beating that the other two female drivers put on Barboza. They gave Barboza a broken nose and she needed seven staples and stitches in her head.

After the incident, Barboza posted her experience with the full video of her being beaten on social media. She put the video up with the following caption: "This was because I cut them off. Then they made it about race after they beat me with two bats.

Anybody who knows me KNOWS I don't have a racist bone in my body." The worst part of all of this is the screaming that can be heard from Barboza's child as the women are attacking her. There is also a young boy that can be spotted in the suspect's vehicle, looking on as his mother is brutally beating up another woman with a bat. This situation is an example of why violence is passed down through families.


This will be an incident that is hard to forget, and chances are this little boy will resort to physical violence to resolve his issues as well.