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Scientists Discover Bus-sized Astroid Will Narrowly Miss Earth Tonight

They're calling it the "fourth close shave" of the year. Astroid 2017BS32 is a giant space rock about the size of a double decker bus and it's about to pass earth tonight at about 8:23 PM GMT or 3:34 PM ET.

It will come in twice as close to the Earth as the moon.

When it is at it's closest, it will be about 161,280 km from earth and travelling at a speed of 11.56 km/s.

It's not the first asteroid to come  so close to our home planet, in fact, it's not that uncommon. Three other asteroids passed Earth in January alone.

So, tonight, look up and count your lucky stars that this one is expected to pass us by - just like the others.

Watch it pass by live here.

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