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We Know Your Sexual Strengths and Weaknesses Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You may not be the first to admit it but we're always curious about elements which make us better than everyone. While everyone is unique, astrologers believe they can predict what you're good at when the lights go out. And it's all based on your zodiac sign. Looking at this list, we're inclined to say there might be some truth to it.  

Read on to find your sexy strengths!


Aries is as focused as a ram, both in bed and outside of it. People born under the Aries sign are bold and courageous and are unafraid to take the lead in bed. One unfortunate weakness is that their energetic ways may cause sexual partners to grow tired of competition-like sex.


Taurus, the bull, is surprisingly sensuous in bed, gets turned on easily and is a master at setting a romantic mood in the bedroom. If you're a Taurus, you may not be particularly spontaneous but you're a genius at finding tried-and-true ways to make your partner happy.


The twin sign often impresses others with their sharp intelligence and they use this to their advantage in the sack. People born under this sign are very adventurous partners who have no problem trying something once, no matter how taboo it may seem. But Geminis are also notorious for their short attention spans which could affect their libido and their sex drive.

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