She Heard The Heartbreaking Cries Of A Kitten Needing Love, Look At Him Now!

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She Heard The Heartbreaking Cries Of A Kitten Needing Love, Look At Him Now!

Joan Bowell has the kind of life that every cat-lover dreams of: a home on a tiny Greek island surrounded by the loving cats she has rescued.

One evening, when Bowell was feeding her cats, she heard the piercing kitten cries of a desperate baby in need of food and love. She searched everywhere, but couldn't find a mother cat nearby.

As she walked out into the field of bamboo, she laid eyes on a heartbreaking sight: "One kitten had sadly died already and this sad and filthy (and eye closed shut from infection) was the one pitifully crying for help," she wrote.

She scooped up the hungry baby and washed his delicate body, then fed him some kitten formula. Although he was too weak to drink, after a few attempts and a warm bottle snuggled up close to him the brave kitten opened his eyes.

After he had regained some strength, she introduced him to two other rescue kittens: Kaneli and Vanilla. The girls snuggled up close to their little brother and restored his hope.

Their physical comfort brought back his will to live and improved his tiny immune system.

Bowell named him Chili, and just like the spicy little pepper, he has a passion for life that shines through in the way he searches for cuddles and milk!

"He has a constant need for physical contact and the sisters provide that beautifully... He no longer whimpers when he sleeps. He's a true miracle!" writes Bowell.

Soon, Chili began to catch up to his sisters in size and weight.

He's growing and growing - so full of love and milk!

Even though he's getting bigger, he still loves to snuggle with his human mama. She's his biggest fan and number one supporter.

"I believe his beautiful little soul has healed from his traumatic start to life but there's no doubt the experience has left an indelible print on his psyche. He's the sweetest little thing on earth and I love being his human mama," Bowell writes.

Chili made a full recovery and you can certainly tell by his big-boy paws that he's going to grow into a beautiful, strong cat!

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