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She Walks Into 'Absolute Carnage' After Her Horses Have A Hay Day

*Warning: course language might offend some readers*

If you've ever worked on a farm, you know that every day there is some sort of minor catastrophe to deal with.

If it isn't a broken fence, a busted tractor motor, or a leaking roof, there's definitely something wrong with at least one of your animals.

Jojo Solomon knows this all too well. The blogger cares for all manner of sheep, cattle and dogs on Ennis Farm in the United Kingdom.

Today it is Jon-Boy and Rufus, two particularly naughty horses, who give Solomon a run for her money. She discovers that the boys had broken into the feed stall and demolished pretty much all of the food that she had in storage.

Hilariously exasperated, Solomon films the disaster caused by her cheeky horses as she ushers the boys outside into the yard.

Even if you don't own a farm, you'll definitely LOL when you hear her rant. It's obvious to see why it's been shared over 5 million times; we've all said similar things about our kids, and even our own pets when we walk into 'carnage' like this!