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Sophia Loren Sounds Like She's Still Not Over Her Feud With Jayne Mansfield

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A photo of actresses Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield taken 60 years ago is arguably one of the most iconic images to come out of Hollywood.

In the snap, Loren is pictured staring daggers at an oblivious Mansfield, who was busy putting on her best smile for the camera.

There's a very good chance that you have come across the infamous photo at one point in your life, but you probably don't know how it came to be.

Over the last six decades, people have speculated that Loren was giving the late Mansfield a dirty look because she didn't like how the blonde bombshell was stealing her thunder, and while this isn't completely correct, it isn't wrong either.

83-year-old Loren finally explained the true story behind the photo in a recent interview to clear up the rumors.

Are you ready to find out the truth?

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