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Colin Farrell Opens Up About "Pride And Joy" For His Special Needs Son, Reminds Other Parents "You're Not Alone"

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Parenting is the hardest job in the world. Children will test you in ways that you never thought possible, and no matter how old your kids get, it never gets any easier, or any less confusing. When your child is born with special needs, it doesn’t make it any harder, it just gets a lot more complicated, and the number of doctors appointments shoots through the roof. Having two children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, I can completely understand what it must have been like for Colin Farrell, raising a child with an extremely rare genetic disorder: complicated.


Farrell has a 14-year-old son named James. When James was only two years old, he was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, which is a rare and complex genetic condition that primarily affects the body’s nervous system. It has several characteristic symptoms that include: problems with movement and balance, severe developmental delays, intellectual disability, and very severe speech impairment. The child will also show some physical characteristics like a small head, and pretty specific facial features.

When you put that all together, as a parent, your job does get a lot more complicated. On top of just learning how to be a parent, you have to learn how to be a very specific parent. And, if you are someone who lacked patience or empathy in your life before kids, you are about to get slapped in the face with both of those. That is what Colin Farrell has been dealing with as a parent for the last 14 years, and it can’t have been easy.

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