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Student Discovers Biological Brother Attends The Same University, In Same Major

Keiron Graham/Facebook / Vincent Ghant/Facebook

An adopted Georgia student has discovered he and his long-lost biological brother are both studying political science at the same university.

Kieran Christian Graham, 20, is a third year student at Kennesaw State University who was adopted when he was only three-months-old. Along with his three adopted siblings, they were the only family he knew.

Graham told Buzzfeed News his parents told him what they knew about his biological family "“ including the fact he had an older brother - but details were scarce.

"I periodically would look for them and check on Facebook, but I never knew their last name so it was always hard," Graham said.

As an early Christmas present, his parents gave Graham and his siblings their own Ancestry DNA kits. Graham found 100 loose matches for potential family members, along with one strong match to a 29-year-old man named Vincent Ghant.

Graham decided to find Ghant on Facebook and try to reconnect with his long-lost brother.

When Ghant read Graham's message, he said his "heart stopped," especially when his long-lost brother mentioned their mother's name, Shawn. He said he remembered his mother had given birth to a second son, but they never spoke of it. He said he had been thinking about his little brother for the past 20 years.

"I asked my mother about him throughout my life, but the pain was so heavy on her that it was hard for her to drum up the worlds to explain it to me... so it just got to the point where I was, like, I'll just wait for her when she's ready," Ghant said.

In their conversation, the brothers discovered they only lived 15 minutes away from each other, were attending the same school and in their third year, pursuing a political science degree.  

When they reunited during the second week of December, Ghant said he was afraid Graham would hold resentment for being put up for adoption.

"I was excited but a little bit scared if he had any resentment towards my family," Ghant said.

However, Graham said he didn't hold any bitterness towards them, as he understood his biological mother was a struggling, single parent, who had a very tough decision to make.

"When I realized he didn't [have resentment] and that he had a great life, I was amazed," Ghant said.

Graham also learned he has a 17-year-old half brother named Christian, who he was thrilled to meet as well.

Along with meeting his birth mother, Graham is also in contact with his biological father and his older, parental half-brother, Preston Kirk. The group reunited on Dec. 17.

"My birth father broke down in tears," he said.  

Graham has documented his journey on Twitter, sharing with thousands his remarkable story.

"Thank you to everyone wishing me all these happy things. I've waited my entire life for this moment and it's amazing to see that it's touched so many people," he wrote.

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