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New Movie Promises The “Untold, True Story” Of Ted Kennedy’s Deadly Car Crash

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Boston Herald

When news broke that Senator Ted Kennedy had been involved in a deadly car crash, Americans were glued to their TV screens.

But over the weeks and months that followed, the story of the crash on Chappaquiddick Island only became more and more strange. Decades later, we still have unanswered questions about what happened the night of July 18, 1969.

Senator Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne.

Kennedy, the younger brother of the late President John Kennedy and the late Senator Robert Kennedy, was driving a campaign worker home from a party the night of the accident. Mary Jo Kopechne was 28, and while the  37-year-old senator was married, he later insisted there was nothing "immoral" going on between the two of them.

Kennedy plunged his car over the side of a small wooden bridge, and while he quickly escaped the car, Kopechne was trapped inside.

The senator's car, recovered from under the bridge.Boston Herald

The senator said he made "repeated efforts" to save Kopechne, but the water's currents were too strong. Then, he walked back to his home, but did not call the police. In fact Kennedy waited 10 hours before notifying authorities about the crash.

That's just one of the suspicious details about the famous accident explored by a new movie, and the trailer reveals it won't pull any punches.

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