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Horses Are Being Packed In Crates And Shipped To Japan As Food

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Every year at major airports in Canada, thousands of horses are crowded into tiny crates and loaded onto planes.

While the conditions these animals suffer through are bad enough - living without food, water or rest, sometimes for more than a day - the reason for this treatment is even more shocking.

These animals are being shipped to Japan, where they become part of the country's thriving horse meat industry. While very few Canadians and Americans would willingly eat horse meat, unwanted horses from both countries are shipped by the hundreds to be turned into food overseas.

Crates full of horses.CHDC

Japan is a huge horse meat importer, bringing more than 6 million pounds of it into the country every year.

While the animals are used to make beauty products, the larger market is for basashi, a type of gourmet sushi made from horse meat.

Ain't nothing like some good basashi (raw horse meat) #japanesefood #japantrip2016 #japaneseknifeimports #basashi

Posted by Japanese Knife Imports on Monday, October 24, 2016

This is why so many live horses are flown overseas; like cows, they are raised in Japan to be tastier and meatier. These beautiful and intelligent animals deserve a better life than this.

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