These 7 Animals Smell Like Your Favorite Snack Foods

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From strange animal-eating plants to terrifying underwater creatures, nature is filled with eccentricities that we will never be able to figure out entirely.

Even with all the scientific advances and breakthroughs in biology, there is still so much to be learned about the other species we share the earth with. It seems like every other day we discover something new about the animal and plant kingdom. Take for example this gecko that sheds its scales when provoked and this ocean worm that resembles a tennis ball.

Nature's unique surprises also include a bunch of mammals and insects that smell like food. Yes, really, there's a surprisingly large number of animals that emit scents similar to your favorite snack foods such as popcorn and peanut butter.

We've got a lot of questions for you Mother Nature, but for now let's take a look at 7 animals that will have you questioning whether you're at the zoo or a candy store.

1. Binturongs

Also known as bearcats, these small forest predators are native to Southeast Asia. The animal got its popular moniker from its appearance which resembles a cross between a bear and a cat. Bearcats mark their territory by dragging their butts on tree branches and leaves. The smell which is produced through the animal's anal glands is very similar to hot buttered popcorn. Yum.

2. Crested Auklet

The Alaskan bird, recognizable by its "smiling" orange bill, is known for its fragrant feathers. Next time you catch a whiff of a citrusy fruit, you might want to do a double take because it could be a crested auklet sending a signal to a mate. Julie Hagelin, wildlife biologist, told Nature that “it’s like somebody is peeling a tangerine next to you.”

3. Peppermint Stick Insect

You've probably guessed by now what this bluish-green insect smells like given its name. When threatened, this stick insect sprays an irritating milky substance that smells like peppermint as a defence mechanism.

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