These Adorable, Thieving Kitties Will Steal Your Heart And Your Cookies

Some experts believe that cats steal our things - especially our food to get attention. The rest of us believe that cats just enjoy being loveable little jerks and testing our limits.

If you've ever wittnessed your cat look at you dead in the eye, right before they knock your FULL glass off the edge of the table, you know good and well that he's stealing your food to be a brat.

Here are 11 not-so-stealthy kitties who are trying to steal your food:

Come to me, cookie!

No one will notice if I just take a few...

You're not gonna eat this, are you?

I'll just save this one for later...

Hey, I want that!

Almost.... got it....

This smells AMAZING!

How am I going to get my head outta here?

Stealth mode: activated.

I'm sure that I like pizza too!

Tonight, we feast!

Now, watch these naughty kitties in action!

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