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These Are Actually The Most Stunning Underwater Photos You've Ever Seen

The Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest organizers have just announced the winning photos of 2017 and they are simply breathtaking.

This year's winner is Gabriel Barathieu who captured a stunning portrait of an octopus swimming in a lagoon on the island of Mayotte. He beat out competitors from 67 different countries whose images will stun you with their beauty.

The longer you look at them, the more real they become:

Dancing Octopus

© Gabriel Barathieu / UPY 2017

Larval Lionfish

© Steven Kovacs / UPY 2017

Whale Calf Posing

© Christophe Lapeze / UPY 2017

Last Flight

© Steve Jones / UPY 2017


© So Yat Wai / UPY 2017

Nudi Art

© Katherine Lu / UPY 2017

Green Turtles in the Rays

© Greg Lecoeur / UPY 2017

Imp of darkness

© Damien Mauric / UPY 2017

Medusa Blenny on the Lookout

© Jade Hoksbergen / UPY 2017

Can I help you?

© Ellen Cuylaerts / UPY 2017

Out of the Blue

© Nick Blake / UPY 2017

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[Source: The Atlantic ]

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