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These Dogs Were The Best Man & Maid Of Honor At This Wedding And We Can’t Handle The Cuteness

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When the time came for Emma-Leigh and Shane Mathews to choose a best man and maid of honor for their wedding, they knew right away that only their most loyal friends would satisfy. So the couple ended up choosing their Alaskan malamutes, Niko and Phil, to be by their side on the big day.

Although it took a little extra work, the happy pair found a venue in Cumbria, England that would accommodate their furry four-legged friends and everything went without a hitch.


Just like any responsible best man and maid of honor would do, Niko and Phil were present for all of the day’s activities including the ceremony, photo session and reception.

"The dogs were part of every part of the wedding and didn’t really leave our side," Emma-Leigh told The Huffington Post.


Niko and Phil then hit up the dance floor and posed for pictures with the guests. Weddings are generally a happy time for everyone involved, but the presence of these fluffy canines made the day even more pawsome.

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