These Emergency Boxes Are Popping Up All Over London

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These Emergency Boxes Are Popping Up All Over London

It's been a tough few weeks for the world and Britain is no exception.

Everyone knows that next to a good cup of tea, a steaming bowl of soup is the surest way to deal with any of life's troubles. In fact, soup is every mother's go-to for everything from the flu to a bad day at school.

As adults, it's the memory of mum's love that makes soup extra comforting.

Heinz knows this, and so they've hidden FREE, emergency cans of cream of tomato soup in various locations around London.

Not only do commuters get the satisfaction letting out a little frustration by smashing something (the glass), but they also get the delicious comfort of a hot cuppa soup.

Sure, it won't bring world peace, but soup's a very good start. At least it'll warm Londoners up after the insanity that is a Monday morning commute.

Shane Shortman from Heinz Soup has says, "Nothing beats the cold like a warm bowl of soup. With Britain feeling the Artic freeze, we wanted to share the love and help Londoners stay cosy with the ultimate comfort food: Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup. We will continue to surprise the coldest places in the UK throughout the winter months, so keep your eyes peeled!"

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