These Translucent Whale Sculptures Are Actually Stunning Ocean Scenes

Young Japanese artist, Isana Yamada's project Samsara is a stunning study of marine life and the six elements on the Rokko Ring in Buddhism.

Each Whale represents a stage of Samsara (the repeating cycle of birth, life, death). Within their bodies, the whales encapsulate different objects: a volcano, a sea of clouds, a sunken ship.

In her graduation piece, the postgraduate student arranged the six whales, in a ring symbolizing the soul's struggle to escape from the circle of life.

  1. The dimensions include:
  2. Submarine Volcano: Hell dimension
  3. Polar Bear Bones: Hungry Ghosts Dimension
  4. Brute Dimension : Prison
  5. Purgatory Dimension : Cherry blossoms and 55 skulls
  6. Human Dimension: Sunken Ship
  7. God World Dimension: Sea of clouds

Check it out below!

Photos provided by Isana Yamada

To see more of her work visit the website here. Do you think these are beautiful? Please like and share!

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