This Cat Hotel Offers Spa Treatments, Gourmet Meals And Private Rooms

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This Cat Hotel Offers Spa Treatments, Gourmet Meals And Private Rooms

Try not to be jealous when you see where Singapore's most pampered cats stay while their owners are on holiday.

In the past we've covered some glamorous cat hotels in England and Malaysia, but this one really goes the extra mile to spoil their guests.

It's called the Nekoya Cat Daycare and Hotel, and it offers all the luxuries of a real hotel, including private rooms, a 24/7 concierge and room service.


The Nekoya is set up a little differently than a human hotel: instead of actual "rooms" the cats stay in little cubicles. Still, they each get their own litter box and feeding area, with multiple levels to explore.

Each room is also air conditioned for the cat's comfort, with "a custom designed air-filtration system to keep unpleasant odors at bay," which is probably a good idea considering the hotel can hold 15 cats.

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But the cats aren't cooped up the whole time, they also get to stretch their legs in the playroom, under the supervision of a hotel employee.


A night's stay at the Nekoya will cost you at least $40, but there are lots of goodies to make the trip worthwhile.

You can arrange spa treatments for your cat including "waterless baths," facial cleanses and nail clippings. There are also meal options, so your cat will be happy whether they prefer kibble or raw food.


The hotel will even send worried owners picture and video updates of their cat for $5 a day.

Your cat would have to make the trip to Singapore to enjoy all of this luxury, but if you're even considering a $40 hotel for your cat, you can probably afford a plane ticket for them too.

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