This Common Disease Is On The Rise - Protect Your Kids And Pets

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This Common Disease Is On The Rise - Protect Your Kids And Pets

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), you'll want to be aware of this common disease that is likely to spread like wildfire this year.

Scientists predict that 2017 could be a bad year for this pest-borne disease that easily spreads to our pets and children and can often go undetected.

Although the ticks that spread Lyme disease are associated with deer, there's an even more common animal that plays host to ticks: mice.

Ecologists have noted that the population of mice in  the Northeast and Midwest United States has been on the rise since last year, which makes them more likely to transmit lime disease. According to the CDC, 95 percent of ticks that feed on mice become infected with Lyme disease.

Officials are warning about contracting Lyme which causes fatigue, rash, joint pain and could have more serious complications on your nervous system.

Since the chances for contracting Lyme disease are higher this year, officials recommend the following precautions to minimize your risk of exposure:

1. Use insect repellent that includes DEEET on your clothes, boots or skin

2. Always do a "tick check"  in places like armpits, on the scalp, behind ears and even the groin area.

3. Remove ticks by grabbing the head with tweezers and pulling upward with steady, even pressure.

4. You usually have between 36-48 hours before the tick transmits Lyme, so you'll likely catch it in time.

5. If you missed one, a rash will develop around the bite - seek a medical professional as soon as you see this.

6. Always do a tick check of your pets after they've spent time outside.

7. Purchase tick prevention collars in addition to your pet's regular flea and tick monthly medicine.

Source: Watertown Daily Times / NPR