This Couple Is Having A Spam-Themed Wedding

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This Couple Is Having A Spam-Themed Wedding

Mark Benson loves Spam. I mean, he REALLY loves Spam.

He's such a big fan of the canned meat, that, in 2015, he legally changed his name to Mark "I Love SPAM" Benson.

In 2016, his fiancee, Anne Mousley, asked the Spam brand if they would consider hosting their wedding at the new Spam museum in Austin, Minnesota.

The happy couple will be married on April 25 and guests will get to eat plenty of Spam-inspired dishes, probably Spam sandwiches.

After the wedding, Spam has offered to send the couple to Hawaii, self-proclaimed Spam capital of the world, where they can experience the Spam Jam Festival in all its glory.

To each their own - Congratulations to Mark "I Love SPAM" and his future wife, Anne Mousley!

Source: The Daily Meal