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This Dog Can Sing The Blues Like A True Pro, And You'll Be Jealous

Dogs will bark or howl at loud noises, including singing, but this dog is extra special because he does it all of his own accord.

The piano-playing rescue dog has delighted people all over the internet with his mad skills.

Buddy Mercury's owner spotted the pooch bashing out tunes on the piano and matching the notes with huge yowls. The owner quickly grabbed a phone and started recording the beagle as he learned against the instrument with tail wagging happily.

Like a true musician, the pup looks to his audience for approval before playing more keys. Although the notes are completely random, people are claiming the dog's music has a "bluesy call-response feel" to it.


His owners couldn't be more thrilled with their adorable pet, and say he "loves to play piano and sing along."


When the original video was posted on YouTube, viewers all over the world started sharing it, and it has well over 400,000 views so far!

"Buddy has captured the hearts of many music fans around the world in a short time," his owners wrote. "Thank you for all the love and kind words! Buddy loves entertaining his family and fans!"


Watch the full video of Buddy Mercury singing the blues here:

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