This House Looks Ordinary On The Outside But Wait Till You See The Inside


This House Looks Ordinary On The Outside But Wait Till You See The Inside

How old is your house? Probably no more than 50 years old. After all, the median age of American houses is 36 according to Old House Web.

Although many of us would love a Victorian home, we would most likely be subjected to time-consuming and costly repairs. To avoid such complications, buyers tend to opt for newer homes.

But what if you could find an older home that doesn't look a day over 10 years old? You might have to go to the United Kingdom.

Deep in the Cornish countryside, along the North Cornwall coastline in Great Britain sits a house that was recently put up for sale and it is believed to be have been around for 300 years!

The humble abode was bought by a young English couple and though it may not look like anything spectacular on the outside, you won't believe your eyes when you see what it looks like on the inside.

The charming house is described as "English meets country chic" and you'll see why when you take a peek at the pictures below:

The Exterior


The Living Room

The Dining Area

The Kitchen

The Bedroom & Nursery

The Bathroom

The Backyard

Pretty awesome for a house built in the 1680s. The Sweetpea Cottage is available for short-term stays so if you're ever in the British countryside you should consider spending a few nights here.

The house comes equipped with all the latest technology including a Sonos multi room system, Nespresso  Coffee Machine, a Smart TV, and iPad. You can even request extras like an in-house babysitter and chef for an additional cost.

You can visit the Unique Home Stays website for more information.

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