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Viral Photo Of Mother's Heroin Overdose Saves Her Life

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Maybe you've seen her viral photo, but you don't know the whole story.

This image of a woman slumped in the front seat of her car, overdosed on heroin and still holding the syringe as her son sits in the back seat, spread around the internet like wildfire last year. But while you may remember the story you've probably forgotten the name of the woman in the photo: Erika Hurt.

Hurt became the face of America's heroin epidemic.KHOU

After the photo was taken, Hurt woke up in an ambulance. Medics told her that she had almost died from an overdose, and that they had used a shot of the drug Narcan to keep her alive. She was also charged with neglect of a dependent, and when police showed her the now infamous photo she thought it was "terrible."

"They exposed me and my addiction to the whole world," she told NBC News. But as painful as hitting rock bottom was, that picture was also the beginning of Hurt's long and difficult journey to sobriety. "I do think it was a good thing," she says now, "because I’m able to look back and see that's who I was, and that was the place it led to.”

Hurt and her son Parker.NBC News

And a year after the photo was taken, Hurt and her son's lives have changed completely...

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