This Parenting Expert Says We Should Ban Homework For Students Under 14


This Parenting Expert Says We Should Ban Homework For Students Under 14

It's that last thing you'd expect a parenting expert with a PhD to say, but Dr. Justin Coulson thinks kids should spend more time in the pool and less doing their homework.

Coulson has six daughters of his own, and he's written a book about parenting. He also regularly appears on Australian TV to talk about issues facing parents today. He's become famous for his tough stance on homework, and he's even written a letter that he sends to school with his kids every year.

In it, he explains to teachers why he thinks kids should avoid doing homework until high school.

Coulson's main complaint is that homework causes too much stress for kids, while he thinks there isn't enough scientific evidence that it helps them learn. But he's had a hard time convincing teachers to give up homework.

"They absolutely love it and it drives me crazy," he told the Daily Mail. "But I make it clear that there are things that take precedence like going for a swim in the afternoon or having afternoon tea together and enjoying family time."

He compares homework to driving a car: he can appreciate the value it has for older students, but he doesn't see why children should start doing it in grade school. In fact, he says homework can overload good students, so it's actually "driving kids away from learning."

In a funny twist, Coulson's says his daughters actually love to do homework. He doesn't stop them from doing it, but he doesn't encourage them to either.

The one exception is reading assignments and projects that students enjoy. He says that he makes sure his kids read every day after school and before bed.

In the end, Coulson thinks we shouldn't apply "one size fits all" solutions when it comes to homework.

"If your kids are struggling, talk with your teacher. Consider your individual circumstances. And listen to your child."

What do you think of this? Do you make sure your kids finish their homework every day?

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