This Photographer Sends Newborn Babies Back Into the Womb

When you were pregnant, did anyone ask if you were doing a belly cast? Maybe you got one done, but had no idea what to do with it after. Well, this U.K. photographer, has given this end-of-pregnancy tradition a whole new spin with her series of images of babies in "bump bowls".

Jocelyn Conway takes the plaster cast of the mother's pregnant belly and places the newborn inside for a beautiful photo op.

“I love the idea of the baby being back in its bump for a photo!” Conway told The Huffington Post. “The babies usually love being back in their casts! They seem to settle straight back in to their ‘home’ for the last nine months! It’s lovely to see!”

5 years ago she came up with the idea when she took a body casting course. Her now trademarked "Bump Bowl" project, starts by creating the cast when mom is 34-36 pregnant and helps to create these stunning photos after baby is born.

They are so beautiful and add a little extra sentiment to the traditional newborn photos.

Would you do this for your newborn photos?

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