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This Simple Trick Could Help You Lose Weight Without Changing Your Diet!

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What if it were possible to lose weight simply by changing the time you ate, rather than what you ate? Researchers suggest that this new diet trend could kick start your metabolic engine and encourage your body to shed the fat faster!

Research suggests that it is more effective to restrict when you eat, not what you eat.

The new trend is known as a Time-Restricted diet, here's how it works:

Adhering to the rules, dieters are allowed to eat whatever they want, but they must restrict their meals to an 11 or 12-hour period.

So, if you eat your breakfast at 8 a.m., you have until 7 or 8 p.m. to eat all of your meals in the day. You are allowed to drink water, coffee or tea between bedtime and 8 a.m., but you midnight snacking is forbidden.

In an interview with Mentalfloss, nutritionist Jaclyn Jacobsen says the theory is that the longer you fast, the more fat you are burning for energy in the absence of glucose.

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