Polygamist Could Be Locked Up For 10 Years After Revealing Himself On New TLC Show

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Polygamist Could Be Locked Up For 10 Years After Revealing Himself On New TLC Show

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Friends say a polygamist family from Utah are second-guessing their decision to feature their life in a reality series this week.

Enoch Foster and his three wives might be facing legal trouble after their relationship was featured on TLC's Three Wives, One Husband.

Unlike other reality shows about polygamist families, the fosters could be on the wrong side of the law.

Rockland Ranch

Foster and his wives Catrina and Lillian (he is also courting a third woman named Lydia) were featured in the series about their life in the polygamous community of Rockland Ranch.

Foster with his wives Catrina and LillianChannel Four

Foster's father built the ranch in the 1970s, and today seven families live there (not all of them are polygamous).

The trio of parents share 17 children, and Catrina says that Foster's second marriage was actually her idea.

"I fell so deeply in love with Enoch and I felt like being married to a man who had so much love to give, I find myself wanting to give someone else the opportunity to share in that," she said on the show.

Unwanted Publicity

When the Fosters agreed to tape a documentary, it was only scheduled to air in Britain.

But the series was recently purchased by TLC, and began airing in America this week.

Reportedly, the family aren't happy about the attention they've been getting since the premiere.

Now Foster could be facing jail time after appearing in the documentary, in a case that's connected to another reality series, Sister Wives.

Bill HB99

The state of Utah passed a new anti-bigamy bill in 2017, partly because of a lawsuit it faced from the Brown family, the stars of the reality show Sister Wives.

The Browns claimed the state's law against polygamy was unconstitutional, and won their case before it was overturned on appeal.

Utah passed a new anti-bigamy law after being sued by the stars of 'Sister Wives.'TLC

The family have since relocated to Las Vegas, where Kody Brown and his four wives avoid prosecution by keeping just one legal marriage at a time.

The language of the Utah law makes it illegal to live with a reported spouse while being legally married to another person.

It also sets a maximum sentence for the crime: 10 years in prison.

"As far as I know, they are staying put"

A personal friend of the Fosters and an administrator for a polygamist Facebook group told In Touch that the family are concerned about the publicity their show is getting.

"When the show was filmed, being a [polygamist] in Utah wasn't illegal...it is again," the source explained.

"So the fact that it's in the US is slightly more scary now. As far as I know, they are staying put "” but keep in mind they just found out TLC bought their show just a few weeks ago!"

What do you think of the Fosters and their unusual case?

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